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Lynne Nash

Empowering You
to Go There

In this podcast with Lynne Nash, we go on a captivating journey of discovery, debunking the myths surrounding conflict, and uncovering the heart of the matter.
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Let's Talk About Conflict


At her core, Lynne Nash is a natural resolver of all types of conflict. I have witnessed firsthand Lynne employ her skill and experience to help clients navigate the conflict map to work through seemingly insurmountable differences. What Lynne does is truly a gift


I recently discovered Lynne Nash’s podcast, and it’s been a breath of fresh air. As an attorney, she brings a human touch to her discussions, making it feel like a cozy chat over tea at her kitchen table. Lynne’s perspective on handling conflicts through open conversation and understanding is not just reassuring but empowering. It’s a reminder that, despite our differences, we can navigate life’s challenges with civility. Thank you, Lynne Nash, for creating a space that celebrates our shared humanity.

- P. Joyce

There are mediators out there who work hard, mediators who know how to relate to all types of people, and mediators who understand the science behind the process — but rare is the mediator that’s all three. Lynne is, and her results show it.

- J. DeGroote

I had the privilege of learning from an incredible teacher in the field of conflict resolution, Lynne Nash. With her guidance, I not only gained valuable skills but also won awards. Her passion for conflict resolution is evident, and I have no doubt that her podcast will help countless people.

- C. Cavazos

Lynne is an impressive professional in dispute resolution, able to navigate complex disputes and impress upon newcomers to the field the complexities and nuances of dispute resolution.

- P. Wakefield